Long Codes

What are Long Codes?

Long Codes are a reception mechanism used by businesses to receive SMS messages and voice calls. These ten-digit numbers are often free for the customer, who would use them to contact an organisation for additional information or a call back.

Why use Long Codes?

Long Codes are a simple, cost-effective, and convenient way for your customers, or potential customers to contact you at a standard rate or free of charge.

Long codes are available though most cellular service providers, including Cell-C, MTN, Virgin Mobile and Vodacom (currently unavailable on 8ta). They can be sent from cellular subscribers’ handsets at a standard rate.

Long Codes can be used as please call me lines, which are offered for free to customers and encourage direct person-to-person communication.

Using virtual SIM hosting, Long Codes are a reliable high-performance method of receiving up to 50 SMS's per second and can be used without the normal restrictions of SIM card hosting. For a specific campaign, you can customise the response sent to the client or direct the incoming SMS to an email address or another mobile number.